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Top 10 Cars With Character for Halloween as Selected by AutoBuying101.com

Top 10 Cars With Character for Halloween

Halloween is here, and folks of all ages will be dressing up as their favorite characters and heading to Halloween parties or hitting the streets for tricks or treats. This got us thinking about some very distinctive-looking cars; vehicles with character to spare. So we here at AutoBuying101.com have picked our Top 10 Cars With Character for Halloween. We’ve gathered up photographic evidence to illustrate our picks, and we think you’ll be amazed by the resemblances.


Incredible Hulk Pick: Hyundai Veloster

We love the Veloster for its incredible features, like the asymmetrical door arrangement, and the way it smashes styling conventions. But it’s that scowling mug that really makes us think Hulk.


Iron Man Pick: Chevrolet Camaro

The gun-slit grill and headlight design evokes Iron Man’s mask, but the Camaro in all its variants has enough power to warrant the superhero comparison.


Angry Birds Pick: Chevrolet Sonic

As bad as its predecessor, the Aveo, was, the Sonic soars in the subcompact segment. The angry-eyes headlights on either side of the beak-like grill remind us of Angry Birds.


Pikachu Pick: FIAT 500

The curvy cuteness and wide eyes of this Italian import say Pikachu, and there’s even the Abarth version to approximate that Pokemon’s electric battle mode.


Predator Pick: Lexus LS 460

Lexus has finally tried to shed their bland styling reputation by appended a fierce Predator face across the model line. The LS 460 has beast-like power to match that face.


Salvador Dali Pick: Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln line was badly in need of a defined style and the new MKZ delivers. It’s swept-back grill tipped with pointy headlights reminds us of an artist with his own defined style: Salvador Dali.


Mater Pick: BMW X1

We love the legendary twin-kidney BMW face, but on the X1 it bears a resemblance to Mater, our favorite buck-toothed tow truck from the Cars movies.


Samurai Pick - Kia Optima

The signature pinched mouth grill on all Kia models looks much like the built-in angry expression of a samurai mask, particularly on the stylish midsize Optima.


Joker Pick - Fisker Karma

The long and low-slung Fisker Karma electric car is a technological tour-de-force. And it wears the demonic grin of the Jack Nicholson-era Joker.


Aston Martin Pick: Ford Fusion

The new Fusion is dressing for Halloween as another car: Aston Martin. That is not a bad thing. It makes the Fusion a style leader in the midsize segment.


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