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Taking A Look At The 2012 Best Buy Awards

2012 Automovile Best Buy

It is awards season for the automotive industry and in today’s blog post we’ll take a look at the recent awards handed out by the Consumer Guide Automotive. Some of you might wonder about the impact of these awards on the automotive industry - well these types of awards are a great way to track the pros and cons as well as highlights for the year in automotive. While there are a lot of different awards given out, it is the criteria used to rank and rate vehicles that is super useful for you when it comes to making buying decisions.

So with this in mind, we’ll take a look at the 2012 Best Buy and Recommended Awards as determined by Consumer Guide Automotive. Consumer Guide Automotive has been providing balanced and objective new and used car reviews for the past 45 years. Its list of the 2012 Best Buy and Recommended vehicles is designed with you, the buyer in mind - providing you with details on the best overall values in 18 different vehicle categories.

2012 Best Buy Awards

A Best Buy rating indicates that the vehicle is rated at the top of its class and is approved by editors. These vehicles represent “the finest balance of attributes and price within their classes and they are the best choices for most consumers”. We’ve included the top two cars in each category, be sure to read the full list of Best Buy Award winners.

Subcompact Car Best Buys


Compact Car Best Buys


Premium Compact Car Best Buys


Midsize Car Best Buys


Premium Midsize Car Best Buys


Large Car Best Buys


Premium Large Car Best Buys


Sport/Performance Best Buys


Premium Sporty/Performance Best Buys


As you can see there are some excellent choice on this list of 2012 Best Buy vehicles. The key to using this information effectively is in taking a look at your car research and your list of wants and needs. Are any of the cars on this list, in your list of potential buys - take a second look at these vehicles - watch our video reviews, read what we have to say about these vehicles and read the reviews of leading analysts such as Consumer Guide Automotive.


(In our next blog post we’ll take a look at the 2012 Minivans, Pickup Trucks, and Sport Utility Vehicle Best Buy Award winners.)