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GM Shop-Click-Drive Coming Soon

GM Online ShoppingGM Online Shopping is Almost Here

General Motors is preparing for the expanded launch of their Shop-Click-Drive program, which allows customers to bypass the showroom and order new vehicles from their computer. The program is intended to target the next generation of car buyers and make it easier to purchase a new vehicle.

Shop-Click-Drive allows Web site shoppers to go through the entire buying process online.  From viewing inventory, selecting a vehicle with options, and getting a trade-in value to filling out a credit application and arranging to have a vehicle delivered to a destination of choice, the program allows buyers to do it all without having to go into a dealership.  GM intends to offer Shop-Click-Drive to all of its 4,300 dealerships by year end. It will only be available through dealer web sites and it not available on any of GM's brand Web sites. (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac)

This system has been compared to Tesla sales as Tesla deals its cars exclusively through its website and company owned galleries. The strategy has run up against certain state franchise laws that protect car dealerships from automotive companies selling directly to consumers and has subjected Tesla to a number of lawsuits.

GM’s is not attempting to eliminate the dealer altogether with its application. Shop-Click-Drive will be connected to GM’s 4,300 dealer network. Customers will have to go through local dealer web sites and all orders will be run through the dealer for fulfillment, not GM directly. Shop-Click-Drive is the result of GM recognizing that consumer shopping habits are changing with technology and attempting to get in front of the curve as consumers increasingly research car purchases online.

GM has reported that 900 cars have been sold through the Shop-Click-Drive program as of October, 2013. Only 100 dealers from Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona signed up for the pilot project launched in January.  GM is not forcing dealers to participate and most dealers see it as an opportunity to reach additional buyers but don’t see it having a big impact on their business. Many consumers will enjoy being able to buy a new car without ever leaving their home until it's time to pick it up.