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Top 10 Luxury Autos Under $40K

2014 BMW 320i

You might think you need a six figure income to be able to afford a luxury car. Carmakers are bringing luxury features to much more affordable levels with many of the top luxury brands offering entry level vehicles starting below $40,000 and many other manufacturers building luxury cars to compete with the top brands at significantly lower prices giving you “more for less”.

Looking For The Best Deals? Find Flexibility.

So you’re in the market for a new vehicle. Let’s say a minivan. You’ve always heard great things about the Chrysler Town & Country; they're packed with cool features, and heck, they invented the segment. But when you finally get down to price, the deal is okay, but nothing spectacular. On a whim you check out the Volkswagen Routan. Eerily similar to the Town & Country. Well it should be; the Routan is mechanically identical. It’s an example of some friendly sharing between the two companies to help VW get a minivan to market quickly without developing their own from scratch.

 The real difference you find though is when you starting talking deals. The VW dealer is giving you much more wiggle room. What gives?

TrueCar Launches Best Local Price Tool to Help Find Good Deals

A great new tool launched today from one of the top sites for new auto pricing, TrueCar.com. As we outline in other areas of our site on auto prices , TrueCar.com specializes in developing current market based pricing reports on new vehicles showing what other buyers actually paid for their vehicle.