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AAA 2014 Green Car Guide – Top Autos

Tesla Model S - AAA Top Green Car

Every year AAA’s Automotive Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center reviews and ranks vehicles with high fuel economy estimates for the very detailed AAA Green Car Guide, a 140 page report detailing the results of each car involved in the study.

6 Great New Cars Under $20K

Inexpensive 2014 Fiat 500 POP

There are only days left to shop for a great deal on a new car before 2013 comes to an end. Many experts say that this is the best time of year to buy a new auto as car dealers scramble to earn year-end bonuses and get their lots ready for the new year by moving inventory. With the average price of a new car running at just under $31,000 many people may feel that buying a new car is out of reach. Fortunately there are many new cars available with prices below $20,000 and the Automobile Club of Southern California has put together a list of 10 New Cars with Base Prices Below $17,000. Here are 6 of them:

AAA Selects Top Autos for Commuters

2013 Ford Flex AAA Top Pick for Commuters

AAA Auto Buying Experts have selected the top vehicles for commuters based on fuel efficiency, comfort, and overall performance. WIth average commute times of 25 minutes each way and 86 percent of American relying on their vehicles to get to and from work each day choosing the right vehicle for the daily drive can make a big difference in your quality of life.

Compact Vehicles

Cost of Car Ownership on the Rise

Car Costs

The American Automobile Association has released its annual ‘Your Driving Costs’ study. The study shows a 1.9 percent increase in the cost of owning a car. This translates to an average cost of $8,946 per car per year, which includes things like fuel, maintenance, insurance, and finance repayments.

This news is not entirely surprising, given the rise in fuel costs over the last year. Pump prices are up almost 15% since last year’s report. The cost of tires has also risen 4.2%, an increase mainly caused by a rise in the cost of raw materials.

The findings in the AAA report were based on a driving cycle of 15,000 miles a year.

Find Cheap Gas For Your Labor Day Road Trip

It was true in 1960, when Smokey Robinson and the Miracles sang it, and it’s true today: You better shop around. Luckily, when it comes to shaving a few cents off the price of a fill-up, it’s far easier to find a good deal now than it was fifty years ago.

With the Labor Day Holiday weekend upon us, we evaluated a number of gas price websites and mobile applications, to see what solution provides the best coverage and most reliable data, and from our point of view GasBuddy.com is the best.

$4+ Gas Prices, Limited Inventory, Recovering Economy….Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New or Used Auto?

Is Now A Good Time to Buy?

According to AAA, the average national gas price today hit $4.36 a gallon.  With hard working folks still getting back on their feet after the economic impacts of the past few years this is not welcome news for anybody in the US.  The rise in gas prices can mean a direct increase in your monthly expenses, including everything from your weekly fill-up at the gas station to the cost of your groceries (which increase in price due to higher transportation costs).