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Cadillac ATS - Ready To Tackle BMW?

Cadillac ATS

We mentioned the Cadillac ATS in a previous post, but due to a press embargo, there were no road tests released yet. Until today, that is. Embargo lifted, the reviews came flooding in today. The verdict? It looks as though Cadillac has a winner on their hands.

Compacts are the volume sellers in the premium segment, and for Cadillac to continue their renaissance, they badly need a winner here.

Cadillac hasn’t offered a compact since the forgettable Cimarron in the early 80’s. Actually, Cadillac wishes it were forgettable. The Chevy Cavalier-based sedan was a widely-mocked disaster that has left an indelible mark in the minds of the Cadillac faithful. Based on the reviews of the ATS today, Caddy may finally have the car to erase that stain.

Some highlights from the reviews:

AutoWeek writes: “The 2013 ATS is Cadillac's first true compact sedan--maybe its most important car--in 32 years. Bring crap to this dance and you'll go home with Cimarron II. Fortunately for Cadillac, [they] didn't deliver crap.” and “Measured by "light, nimble, fun" and balance and inherent goodness, the ATS belongs in the same sentence as the BMW 3-series.”

The Car Connection raves: “Cadillac has nailed the BMW formula for handling that's eluded all the competition. It's elbowed aside the Infiniti G37 as the challenger most capable of displacing the 3-Series as the luxury segment's benchmark four-door. It's picked the most difficult lock in the industry.”

From Winding Road: “With the ATS, Cadillac has successfully created an excellent competitor in the compact luxury segment. Even better, it is a huge step toward molding the brand into the vision Cadillac has for itself.”

Automobile Magazine says: “...welcome, Cadillac, to a place you've long wanted to be. The ATS is a solid effort that at last puts a Cadillac on par with the German competitors it has fixated on for so long.”

And finally, from Motor Trend: “Has Cadillac really done it? The answer is yes. The Cadillac ATS is shockingly good.”

This all looks like great news for Cadillac and their fans. Keep your eyes peeled for the inevitable comparison tests from these publications. When you’re ready to hit the showrooms, start your planning at AutoBuying101.com.