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Great Deals on Top Selling Vehicles

2017 Ford F-150

With the year halfway over auto manufacturers and dealers are anxious to keep sales strong through the leaner summer months so if you’ve been holding off to trade in your old vehicle this is a great time to go out shopping for a new ride. Some of America’s best-selling vehicles have some terrific incentives this month to get people to buy.

Here are 6 great new auto deals for summer:

Most Anticipated 2018 Model Year Autos

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

We are almost halfway through another year and when it comes to automobiles, the 2018 models will be arriving in local dealerships anytime within the next two to three months. That means dealers will be very anxious to make deals on any 2017 models they have on hand and it also means there are some really cool vehicles to look forward to.

Here are 6 2018 model year autos to wait for:

Best Vehicles for New Graduates

2017 Chevy Spark

It’s graduation season and high school seniors and college students alike are probably hoping for the ultimate graduation gift, a new vehicle. Finding the right vehicle means more than just getting from one place to another, the car has to be affordable in both payments and maintenance. It also needs good fuel economy and enough room to take your friends and stuff with you on the road. Fortunately, U.S.

Highlights from the New York Auto Show

2018 Buick Regal TourX

The Auto Show season might officially start in the fall with the Los Angeles Auto Show in December but there are still new arrivals to be seen when the New York Auto Show rolls around in April.

Consumer Reports Top Autos for 2017

2017 Toyota Yaris iA - Consumer Reports Top Subcompact

Reliable, safe, and satisfying – that’s what it takes to be chosen as one of Consumer Reports’ top picks for any given year. The autos need to have performed well in both track tests and extensive owner surveys. They are ranked based on scores from the road test, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.

Here are the top picks for each category:

Best Ranked Minivans

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

If you need to regularly move a lot of people, and perhaps cargo too, you could look for a three row SUV and get a large vehicle that requires an equally large amount of gas, or you might try to look past the stereotypes and check out a minivan. Most minivans get better fuel economy than similarly sized SUVs and they can be very versatile, with advanced safety features and entertainment options. U.S.

Detroit Auto Show

2018 Kia Stinger GT

Every year in January the North American International Auto Show convenes in Detroit, showcasing all of the latest in automotive technology for this year and years to come. Porsche, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce all skipped the show this year and so there were fewer supercars to ogle but that doesn’t mean there weren’t standouts.

Here are 5 of the most talked about vehicles from the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

Best Selling Vehicles of 2016

Best-Selling 2016 Ford F-Series Truck

With the year winding down and auto dealers strongly pushing incentives to finish the year strong this is a great time to shop for a new vehicle. You might even be able to get a tax deduction depending on your profession. This was a solid year for car sales and it looks like overall it will be the seventh straight year of rising sales thanks in part to extremely low finance rates. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the three top selling vehicles are trucks. The rest of the top ten is made up mostly of Toyota and Honda vehicles with the Nissan Rogue sneaking in at number 10.

Early Gift Ideas for Auto Enthusiasts

Head Up Display for Safer Driving

If you are working on gift lists for family and friends this year you might have an auto enthusiast to buy for. There are plenty of brand specific gifts you can pick up but here are a few ideas you may not have thought of from accessories for your car to services and experiences.

Fastest Selling Cars in America

2016 Ford F-150 - Best Selling Vehicle in U.S.

For the past few years car dealers and manufacturers have been reveling in strong sales due to pent up demand from the recession of 2008. Sales are beginning to slow down but some vehicles are still selling fast. So fast in fact that Bloomberg put together a list of all of the vehicles that sell faster than once every 100 seconds and 11 made the list. The Ford Escape barely missed the cut at 101 seconds.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the top three vehicles are trucks.

Not to Miss Safety Features for Your New Car

Blind Spot Detection for Safety

Most automotive experts agree that new vehicles today are safer than ever before thanks to a slew of new safety features introduced over the past several years. All cars have standard features like airbags included on even the base models but which new safety features are really worth spending more for a higher trim level or adding as part of an option package?

Here are the top 5 new safety features that you shouldn’t pass on:

Best 2016 Models to Consider Now

2016 Chrysler 200

As we head into fall car dealers are eager to make deals on outgoing 2016 model year vehicles to make room for the new 2017 model year. There are loads of deals to be had and AutoBuying101.com can help you find the best prices on any new vehicle you might desire but some of the best deals you’ll find are on vehicles that will be discontinued this year or completely redesigned for 2017.

Five 2016 Vehicles to Consider Buying Now:

Cars NOT to Buy in 2016

2016 Dodge Dart

With summer in full swing and school starting a few months from now, you might be ready to shop for a new car to take advantage of rebates and advertised specials.  There are plenty of great cars to choose from but there are also several you would do best to avoid. Thankfully, Forbes has published their annual list of “13 New Cars to Avoid for 2016”.  

Best Vehicles for Summer Road Trips

2016 Chevrolet Impala

According to AAA, the largest motoring and travel organization in the U.S., 2016 is shaping up to be the biggest year for road travel in years with over 36 million Americans projected to hit the roads this Independence Day weekend. Traditionally July 4 is also the deadliest day of the year for auto accidents, according to the IIHS. That makes it a great time to evaluate your current vehicle and look for one that is a top safety pick as well as a great overall road trip vehicle.

Here are 5 great road trip vehicles for your summer travel:

Best New Cars Coming in 2017

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

New car sales are still going strong in 2016 and dealers are offering a lot of incentives to keep it that way.  It might be hard to believe but in just a few months the first 2017 models will start rolling onto lots. Some vehicles will only have minor updates but for those that will either be all-new or totally redesigned, there is much anticipation.

Here are 7 exciting new vehicles for 2017:

Kelly Blue Book Announces Best Family Cars for 2016

2016 Honda Civic - Best Family Sedan

If you are shopping for a family car you’ve probably already started looking at the many offerings on the market and the massive amount of information available regarding safety ratings, gas mileage, cost of ownership, and other factors to determine the best value for your family.

Top “Green” Cars for March

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Every March as people get excited for St. Patrick’s Day, there is a lot of hoopla surrounding the color green. Chicago even colors their river green. Of course when it comes to green cars that generally refers to more than just the paint color. Buying a “green” car generally means purchasing a vehicle with alternative fuel sources like electric or hybrid vehicles and every year there are more models to choose from. Sometimes so many it can be hard to choose the right one.

Used Car Models to Stay Away From

2015 Chevrolet Silverado

Most people start shopping for a new vehicle by making a list of the models they like primarily based on looks or possibly recommendations from friends and family. There are also a lot of “Best of” and “Top 10” lists to help you decide which autos to shop for. Another helpful piece of information is Consumer Reports’ list of Used Cars to Avoid Buying.

Honda Civic wins 2016 North American Car of the Year

Award Winning 2016 Honda Civic

This week the winners of the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards were announced at the Detroit Auto Show and the all-new 2016 Honda Civic beat out rivals from Chevrolet and Mazda to take the award for the second time. Fifty three automotive journalists from the United States and Canada considered more than fifty vehicles and rated them based on innovation, comfort, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value for the dollar to narrow the field down to the three finalists for cars and three finalists for trucks. All vehicles must be new or “substantially changed” to be considered.

IIHS Announces 2016 Top Safety Picks

2016 Audi A3 - IIHS Top Safety Pick+

If you are shopping for a new auto or SUV and safety is a concern you should keep an eye out for vehicles that make the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s annual list of Top Safety Pick+ and Top Safety Picks.

Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards of 2016

2016 Honda Civic

Out of all of the car awards that are announced every year the Kelly Blue Book Awards are the ones that are geared most towards enabling consumers to get the most bang for their buck when shopping for a new automobile.  The editors at KBB.com sort through hundreds of new models to narrow the field down and pick winners in 12 different vehicle categories after a 7 week road test comparing various attributes such as how the vehicle handles, entering and exiting, parking, and operational features like the infotainment system and safety systems.  Road test evaluations were combined with pricing information, ownership costs, and consumer reviews.

VW Online Traffic Down as Sales Hold

Save on a 2015 Volkswagen Passat

Just over a month ago sales of all Volkswagen diesel vehicles came to a full stop when the EPA accused the automaker of installing “defeat-device” software on nearly 500,000 diesels with 2-liter four cylinder engines since 2009. This allowed vehicles to offer more power and fuel efficiency at the expense of meeting emissions standards.

Tesla Model X Launching This Month

2016 Tesla Model X with Falcon Wings

If you are one of the fortunate few that already reserved your Tesla Model X, you will soon have it as the much anticipated launch of the much anticipated crossover all-electric SUV is just around the corner. Tesla promises this will be the fastest, and safest compact sport utility ever.

Lexus Tops American Customer Satisfaction Index

2015 Lexus Model Lineup

Most people know about the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction and Initial Quality surveys but the American Customer Satisfaction Index(ACSI) isn’t as well known and the results release this week aren’t positive despite especially strong auto sales over the past few years. ACSI tracks 27 nameplates and announced that in the 2015 survey 15 brands slipped in customer satisfaction, 10 held their ground, and only 2 improved.

Most Anticipated 2016 Models

2016 Acura NSX

As we enter the last full month of summer and start thinking about football and fall weather there’s another thing that’s on some folks’ minds and that is new cars. Specifically brand new or redesigned models. Every year there are dozens of “all new” models to choose from and 2016 is no different. Forbes Autos reports that there are at least 40 new and refreshed vehicles about to hit the dealers’ lots for the 2016 model year.

Acura and Toyota Ranked as Best Retained Value Winners by Edmunds

2015 Toyota Highlander

When Edmunds released the results of their 5th annual Edmunds.com Best Retained Value Awards last month Acura and Toyota owners were very pleased. The awards seek to highlight the makes and models that retain the highest residual sales values after five years as a percentage of average transaction prices when new.

Best New Vehicles for College Students

2015 GMC Terrain - Midsize SUV, IIHS Top Safety Pick

Graduation season has begun and many students will be receiving their high school diplomas and on their way to college in the fall.  Often first year students can get by without a vehicle for transportation around campus but in many so called “commuter campuses” having personal transportation is a necessity rather than merely a “want”. Of course graduation gifts and even scholarship money can go towards buying a new vehicle but it’s always nice to see recommendations for the best cars for college students and U.S.

10 Best (Looking) Cars Under $35,000

2015 Audi A3 - Affordable Beauty

Shopping for a new car can be frustrating when you have your ideal vehicle in your mind and the money in your bank account snaps you back to the reality of trying to find something that not only meets your needs but is also affordable.  Finding a care that looks great is a bonus.

Mercedes-Benz Scores 3 World Car of the Year Awards for 2015

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

One of the highlights of the New York International Auto Show every April is the announcement of the World Car of the Year Awards from the show floor.

Top Rated Convertibles for Spring 2015

2015 Audi A5 Cabriolet

Although it will likely be a few weeks before the roads are clear enough for pleasure driving and long road trips this is a good time to start thinking about shopping for a convertible. Demand will increase once the temperatures rise and the days get longer. There’s just nothing better than dropping the top on a warm day and speeding down the highway. Here are 5 of the best convertibles to consider this year.

Consumer Reports Top Picks for 2015

2015 Tesla Model S: Consumer Reports Best Overall

If you are shopping for a new car this month you should check out the latest rankings from Consumer Reports. Every year the magazine’s editors sort through hundreds of vehicle tests to bring you the top vehicles in ten categories and an overall winner.

IIHS Announces Top Safety Pick Winners for 2015

2015 Toyota Sienna - IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Minivan

Despite a record number of recalls in 2014, new cars are actually getting safer according to the IIHS. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety raised the standards for vehicles to achieve Top Safety Pick+ and 11 more vehicles made the list this year than in 2014 testing.  Last year 39 vehicles were awarded Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+ and this year the number jumped to 71. A total of 33 vehicles earned the top tier ranking and 38 earned Top Safety Pick ratings.

BMW i3 Named 2015 Green Car of the Year

BMW i3 - 2015 Green Car of the Year

At the Los Angeles Auto Show yesterday the BMW i3 was named 2015 Green Car of the Year in a tight race against the diesel powered Audi A3 TDI, the Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel, the Honda Fit, and the VW Golf. The award has been presented by the Green Car Journal for the past ten years and this is the eleventh annual selection. To be eligible for the award, car models must be all new or have significant model year changes.

Five Ugly Autos for Halloween – and One Beauty

2014 BMW X6 - Looks Too High

Halloween is next week and because it’s on a Friday many people are upset that they don’t get an entire weekend “before” all Hollow’s Eve. A Friday night also means more people will be out which reduces the potential for candy. The good news is that all of the pumpkin patches are already open as are haunted houses and if you want to see examples of frightening aesthetics you need look no further than these five autos:

Not to be Missed Features of the 2015 Ford F150

2015 Ford F-150 Crew Cab

Ford has had the best-selling truck in America for the past 37 years and for the past 32 years the F-150 has also been the best-selling vehicle in America. Overall annual sales of the F-150 is higher than many smaller manufacturer’s sales for their whole vehicle lines. Now for 2015 the F-150 has been redesigned with a much anticipated aluminum-body construction and many other innovative features.

10 High Performance Cars for 2015

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with 650-hp

High performance sports cars and muscle cars have seen a tremendous surge in sales over the past few years and 2015 is shaping up to be a battle of horses with several manufacturers launching top-end models with monster engines capable of competing on race tracks across the country. Here is a quick look at some of the choices you will have if you are looking for a fast car this fall.

10 High Performance Cars for 2015:

5 Best Vehicles for Tailgating

Honda Odyssey Integrated Vacuum

Labor Day weekend is here and football season is underway.  NCAA games started this week and the NFL starts the regular season next weekend.  Many sports fans are content to stay home and watch the games on TV.  Others make their way to stadiums across the country to experience the games live for themselves and for die-hard fans, this is the time of year to load up the SUV, Truck, or car with all of the necessities for incredible all-day tailgate parties spanning the hours before and after game time. Of course some vehicles are better than others for this annual spectacle combining camping and barbecue.

Auto Shopping Tips to Get the Best Deal

Plan Before Going to the Auto Dealer

According to automotive research and buying site TrueCar, August is the best time of year to buy a new automobile. Based on their customer data the average transaction cost is almost six percent lower in August as it is in December when the manufacturers are heavily advertising their “end-of-year” specials. Their data also indicates that Sunday is the best day to buy and the first few days of the month offer better savings when compared to the rest of the month.

8 Cars Under $30K for Cheap Speed

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI - Speed for Less

Some drivers want a vehicle that will simply get you from point A to point B for the least amount of ownership cost and fuel. Other auto owners want a car that’s actually fun to drive with a performance tuned suspension and enough engine power to offer some zip.

Six Most Exciting New 2015 Models

All New 2015 GMC Canyon

It’s almost back-to-school time and among other things this is the time of year that auto manufacturers start rolling out the new models for next year. Most of the 2015 class will just have minor changes to the exterior and interior and possibly some technology or performance updates. A select few vehicles have been totally redesigned and are much anticipated. These are the types of vehicles people wait all year for and they should sell very quickly once they hit the lots.

Six Most Exciting New 2015 Models:

10 Fuel Efficient Autos with Solid Handling

2014 Mazda Mazda3 - Sporty and Thrifty

Even if you have a long commute and need a car that gets great fuel economy you can still find an automobile that is fun to drive without breaking the bank at the gas station.

AAA 2014 Green Car Guide – Top Autos

Tesla Model S - AAA Top Green Car

Every year AAA’s Automotive Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center reviews and ranks vehicles with high fuel economy estimates for the very detailed AAA Green Car Guide, a 140 page report detailing the results of each car involved in the study.

These are Not Your Grandfather’s Station Wagons

2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

For many people the mere mention of a station wagon brings to mind images of ugly, wood-covered boats on wheels straight out of the 70s and movies like National Lampoon’s Vacation. Modern station wagons are much more like crossovers and you won’t find any with wood panels. Station wagons today feature options like all-wheel-drive and sporty styling along with improved fuel economy and entertainment packages.

The 10 Best SUVs for Carrying Passengers and Cargo

2014 Chevy Suburban - Biggest SUV Available

The recent surge in crossover SUVs has been a boon to fuel economy and great for everyday commuting but what happens when you have a large family, or a lot of friends, and want to go somewhere without caravanning? If your summer travel plans include driving somewhere with 6 to 8 passengers you should be looking at SUVs with 3 row seating. A minivan might also do the trick provided you don’t also want to bring along a trailer with a boat, personal watercraft, or ATV. Towing capacity on minivans is pretty low.

Here are 10 Large SUVs ranked by size:

J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey Standouts for 2014

2014 Chevy Malibu

Every year J.D. Power and Associates surveys over 85,000 auto owners after the first 90 days of ownership to determine the number of problems in various categories “per 100 vehicles”. For the second year in a row quality has dipped as measured by the number of complaints. J.D. Power analysts attribute this dip in the survey results to the rise in high tech features being added to new cars. Touch screens and phone connections can be complicated and frustrating for many new car owners and this has led to lower satisfaction levels. If you are shopping for a new car this list is a great place to start finding out which autos owners are the most happy with for the 2014 model year.

The Safest Autos and Crossovers for 2014

Volvo XC60 - Top Safety Pick

In light of the record number of autos recalled already this year auto safety should be high on the list of considerations when shopping for a new vehicle. While safety features continue to improve every year, all autos are not created equal and some are definitely safer than others. Forbes recently compiled a list of the “safest” 2014 cars and crossovers.

Top 10 Luxury Autos Under $40K

2014 BMW 320i

You might think you need a six figure income to be able to afford a luxury car. Carmakers are bringing luxury features to much more affordable levels with many of the top luxury brands offering entry level vehicles starting below $40,000 and many other manufacturers building luxury cars to compete with the top brands at significantly lower prices giving you “more for less”.

WardsAuto 10 Best Auto Interior Winners

2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith Interior - 6 Figure Elegance

For those with lengthy commutes an automobile’s interior is equally as important as everything else about the vehicle. For most other drivers the interior ranks right along with handling and exterior styling. Seating, safety features, comfort, and convenience are all essential factors that can make your time on the road less aggravating if not downright enjoyable.

Top 12 Used Autos for New Graduates

2011 Chevy Volt - Great Used Auto for Grads

Many colleges across the United States have already wrapped up the 2013-2014 school year and completed their graduation ceremonies with much pomp and circumstance. Many more will join the ranks of the newly graduated in the weeks ahead. And nearly every college student at some point has dreamed of being handed the keys to a shiny new automobile after several years of hard work to get to this point.

Discontinued Vehicles in Honor of Memorial Day

2014 Chrysler Town & Country

Memorial Day is this weekend and while we take a moment to honor the real heroes and remember those that gave all this is also a huge weekend for all sorts of sales all across America. Car dealers pull out all of the stops to get people to come in as it’s a long weekend and it’s near the end of the month. This could be a great time to find a great deal on a new auto and even more so if you have ever thought about buying one of these seven vehicles that won’t be back for the 2015 model year.

Say Farewell to these 7 vehicles while you still can:

6 Best New Autos for Moms

2014 Infiniti QX60

It’s Mother’s Day and instead of buying mom flowers or some kitchen gadget she won’t use some folks will be out looking for new autos this weekend. Mom’s looking to escape the mundane “mom factor” of a minivan have a lot of options. Here are six very different choices for any mom with her own style.

6 Tips for Summer Road Trips

Summer, time for a Road Trip

Summer vacation is just a bit over one month away so if you’re thinking about a road trip now is the time to start planning. Of course the first thing you should do is consider where you’d like the road to take you and start planning a route. AAA offers free and discounted road maps to members as well as trip planning assistance.

Here are 6 more tips for the best road trip ever.

Drive Safe – April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Sponsored by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA, the same department that runs safety tests on all vehicles) April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  To kick off the month-long events the U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the Department of Transportation's first-ever, national advertising campaign and law enforcement crackdown to combat distracted driving. Television, radio and digital advertisements using the phrase U Drive. U Text. U Pay. ran from April 7-15 coinciding with a nationwide law enforcement crackdown in states with distracted driving bans.

2014 World Car Award Winners

2014 Audi A3 - 2014 World Car of the Year

The New York Auto Show started this week with hundreds of new car previews, concept cars, and special announcements.  One of these events was the awarding of the 2014 World Car Awards to the best 5 autos in the world.

2014 Automobile Magazine All-Stars Announced

2014 Audi RS7 - Automobile Magazine All-Star

Every year the editorial staff of Automobile Magazine reviews all of the passenger vehicles in America and votes for their favorites. The votes are tallied and the Automobile All-Stars list is created. The magazine states that there is no specific criteria for selecting the winners, the staff simply chooses their favorite vehicles. For 2014, they rounded up all ten of the chosen winners and took them on an epic road trip.

10 Great Convertibles for Spring 2014:

2014 Jaguar F-Type Luxury Sports Car

Long, hot summer nights might be great for cruising in a convertible but the sunny days of spring are the most comfortable for long drives with the top down. Not too hot, and not too cold it’s the perfect time to hit the road with the wind in your hair.  There are a lot of options when it comes to convertibles ranging from subcompacts all the way to exotic sports cars.  This list summarizes 10 options that range from “affordable” to “luxury” without crossing into the ultra-high-end range of six figure autos.

10 Great Convertibles for Spring 2014:

Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2014

2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport - Least Expensive to Insure

Anyone shopping for a new car should be concerned about insurance rates. You are legally required to have car insurance if you want to drive in the U.S. and insuring a new car is typically more expensive than it would be on a used car. Insurance rates vary quite a bit by state and they can also vary significantly by vehicle. Typically luxury cars and sports cars cost more to insure because they are more expensive to repair or replace. Other considerations are how much damage the model can impart on other vehicles and occupants as well as theft rates.

U.S. News & World Report 2014 Best Cars for the Money

2014 Ford Fiesta Best Subcompact Car for the Money

If you are in the market for a new auto recommendations from experts can be very helpful in determining which vehicles to test drive and consider.  U.S. News & World Report recently released their annual “Best Cars for the Money” report that focuses on comparing the average purchase price and overall cost of ownership with automotive press reviews regarding performance, interior, reliability, and safety. Vehicles were ranked and winners were selected for 10 categories in cars, 9 categories of SUV or minivans, and 2 truck categories.

Here are the highlights:

Can You Afford a 6 Year New Car Loan?

2014 Range Rover

Last month J.D. Power reported that a record 33.1 percent of new vehicles are now being purchased with long-term loans of six years or longer. The primary reason behind this seems to be rising car prices. According to Kelley Blue Book the average priced car now comes in at $32,086.

2014 World Car of the Year Finalists Announced

2014 World Car of the Year Finalist Audi A3

This week the top three autos from each of five categories in the World Car of the Year Awards were announced at the Geneva Auto Show in a joint press conference hosted by Bridgestone Corporation and the New York Auto Show, where the ultimate winners will be announced on April 17.  An initial list of 24 vehicles was narrowed down to 3 autos vying for overall 2014 World Car of the Year:

Consumer Reports Top Picks 2014

2014 Tesla Model S

Consumer Reports’ annual Auto Issue was released this week with reviews, rankings, and of course the magazine’s Top Picks for 2014 Best Cars. Given that Tesla receive a near perfect rating back in May of last year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Tesla Model S was ranked as the “Best Overall”, superseding all of the other categories and taking the top spot.

GM Cars Rank Well in 2014 JD Power Dependability Report

Most Dependable Large CUV - 2011 GMC Yukon

When you are shopping for a new car it pays to do some research and find out as much as you can about the autos you are interested in so you can be sure that the vehicle you end up buying is what you want and there are as few surprises as possible. Along with the price and feature comparisons you can find on AutoBuying101.com, a useful list is J.D. Power’s annual U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study that ranks vehicles based on the number of problems customers experience in the first 3 years of ownership of their vehicles.

Chevy Spark Only Minicar to Pass IIHS Test

2014 Chevy Spark

Minicars may be affordable and get great gas mileage, making them attractive options for students, commuters, and people with limited incomes, but they fare poorly in IIHS safety tests. In the recent “small overlap front crash test”, out of eleven minicars tested, only the Chevrolet Spark received an acceptable rating in the test, earning it the designation of 2014 TOP SAFETY PICK.

2015 Chicago Auto Show New Vehicle Showcase

2015 BMW M4 & M3

The Chicago Auto Show kicks off this weekend and the previews are already underway. Even though 2014 has barely started auto manufacturers are busy showcasing models for next year already to build anticipation for later this year when the new models start rolling in.  Many of these same vehicles were actually shown to the public for the first time last month at the Detroit Auto Show but they are still considered “debuts” at each show they attend this year. Here are some of the highlights:


Super Auto Commercials for the "Big Game"

VW "Wings"

The "Big Game" is this weekend and regardless of how you feel about Seattle or Denver one thing a lot of people will be looking out for is the commercials. Auto manufacturers are well aware of this and past years have seen some epiccar commercials. This year will be no exception with some highly anticipated ads for new cars. And just in case you are busy getting snacks and miss one or you just want to watch the commercials ahead of time, most of the spots are already available on Youtube.

Here are some of the most anticipated car commercials produced specifically for the super audience this weekend's football "bowl" game broadcast generates.

Chevy "Romance" - Silverado HD

GM Wins North American Car and Truck of the Year at Detroit Auto Show

2014 Chevy Silverado and Corvette - Car and Truck of the Year

The Detroit Auto Show started last week and on opening night it was announced that GM had won a rare sweep of the North American Car and Truck of the year awards for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray<

New Auto Debuts at Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

2015 Ford F-150 Aluminum Body

Even though we’re only in the third week of 2014, Auto manufacturers are busy ramping up for production of 2015 model vehicles. This week’s North American International Auto Show, also known as the Detroit Auto Show, kicks off 2014 with a slew of new car debuts for 2015 model year vehicles.

Here are a few of the highlights:

2015 Ford F-150 – For 2015 Ford replaced most of the steel in the body of best-selling F-150 with military grade aluminum. In doing so they reduced the overall weight by nearly 700 pounds, allowing for downsized engines. According to COO Mark Fields this redesign makes the 2015 F-150 "CAFE-positive", meaning the truck will help Ford meet CAFE standards instead of lowering the average fuel economy of its lineup.

Automotive Technology to Watch For from CES

Samsung Galaxy Gear BMW app

Automotive technology is constantly advancing and there are more enhancements than ever coming to your next vehicle. Nowhere is this more evident than in the number of automotive features exhibited at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

Here are 5 new technology features to look for in new cars:

5 Tips for Better Gas Mileage This Year

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid

We’ve just entered a new year and a lot of people are just getting started with their New Year’s resolutions (or they’ve already given up). If one of your resolutions is to reduce expenses and save money you might want to take a look at these 5 tips to get better gas mileage.

Change Your Route – If it’s possible you should try to avoid hills, frequent lane changes, idling, and of course traffic. Sometimes a longer route can save gas by avoiding these fuel zappers.

Check Your Tires – Improperly inflated tires can lower gas mileage by 0.3% for every 1 psi drop in pressure of all four tires. Fuel economy can be improved by up to 3.3% just by adding air.

6 Great New Cars Under $20K

Inexpensive 2014 Fiat 500 POP

There are only days left to shop for a great deal on a new car before 2013 comes to an end. Many experts say that this is the best time of year to buy a new auto as car dealers scramble to earn year-end bonuses and get their lots ready for the new year by moving inventory. With the average price of a new car running at just under $31,000 many people may feel that buying a new car is out of reach. Fortunately there are many new cars available with prices below $20,000 and the Automobile Club of Southern California has put together a list of 10 New Cars with Base Prices Below $17,000. Here are 6 of them:

Most Fuel Efficient Autos for 2014 – EPA Rated

2014 Chevy Spark

With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 only weeks away the U.S. Department of Energy has released official EPA ratings for 2014 model vehicles on fueleconomy.gov. Over 1,000 vehicle ratings can be accessed through this site. The site has loads of useful information including trip calculators, fuel savings calculators, and side by side comparisons of different autos you might be considering.

7 Top Autos With Top Resale Values

2013 Audi Q7

If you’re shopping for a great deal on a brand new car you might not be real concerned with resale value but it’s very important if you plan to sell the car one day and even more so if you are looking to lease a car. Thankfully Forbes Magazine has put together a list of the 25 cars with the highest resale values relying on recommendations from the valuation experts at ALG.

Top Selling Autos of 2013

Top-Selling Sedan - 2013 Toyota Camry

You’ve waited all year to get a new car. Thanksgiving has passed and the end of the year is nearly here. New auto dealers are anxious to make great deals on 2013 new cars before the year ends. For anyone shopping for a new vehicle there are great deals to be had from most manufacturers. Many times manufacturers of the best-selling models keep the incentives strong to maintain their dominance in the category.

Here are the top selling autos for each category:

Automobile Magazine Automobile of the Year – 2014 Corvette Stingray

2014 Corvette Stingray Automobile of the Year

With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 just over a month away Automobile Magazine has named the 2014 Chevrolette Corvette Stingray the Automobile of the Year. The new Stingray has been a favorite of automotive enthusiasts since it was launched earlier this year.

Top Gifts For Auto Enthusiasts

Giant Bow Not Included

With Black Friday right around the corner now is the time to start thinking about gifts for the auto enthusiast in your family.  If that auto enthusiast is you maybe it’s time to pick up a few gadgets for yourself or add them to your list.  These six gift ideas will make any driver happy.

Auto Safety Kit – You can find car safety kits of all shapes and sizes at nearly any major big box retailer (Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s) or auto parts store (AutoZone, O’Reilly, Pep Boys, etc.) and no car owner should be without one. At a minimum you should have jumper cables, warning lights, emergency blankets, first aid kit, and a flash light.

Top Trending Vehicle Winners from the 2013 SEMA Show

Custom Ford Mustang

Last week over 2400 companies gathered in Las Vegas to showcase the latest in products designed to improve performance, safety and convenience, and enhance appearance and comfort in every make and model on the road today. Every year top vehicles in four categories are selected for the SEMA Award, recognizing vehicle models that specialty-equipment manufacturers believe are the best platforms for accessorization and that showcase the year's coolest products.

2014 Cadillac CTS – Motor Trend Car of the Year

2014 Cadillac CTS - Motor Trend Car of the Year

Cadillac has been having a great year with sales growth every month for the past 13 months. This month brings even more good news with the announcement of the 2014 Cadillac CTS as the Motor Trend Car of the Year on the 65th anniversary of the award.

Motor Trend’s testers took 38 vehicles to the Hyundai California Proving Grounds near Mojave, California to see which vehicle would be the best. Cars were judged based on advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value, and performance of intended function.

Consumer Reports 10 Most Reliable Autos for 2013

2013 Lexus ES300h Hybrid

Consumer Reports has released their annual auto reliability ratings and this year two European automakers and one U.S. brand squeezed their way into the top ten, seemingly breaking the stranglehold Japanese carmakers have had on this list. The annual survey, conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, looks at the experiences of drivers of over one million vehicles. Consumer Reports then compiles reliability histories on vehicles with the data and predicts the dependability of new models.

The top spot on the list went to Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, which also had the third most reliable vehicle overall, the ES300h Hybrid.

Top 6 Autos for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

2013 Honda Odyssey

Halloween is less than a week away and some people have the luxury of staying at home with family and walking their own neighborhoods to take their kids trick-or-treating. For many people fright night means piling the whole clan into the family vehicle and driving across town to where the “good candy” is or perhaps to visit family so the cousins can revel in the festivities together. If your plans include a trip across town with a big group you need to check out the top 6 autos for Halloween:

When you really need to pack in the passengers you can’t beat a minivan for utility. Minivans get better gas mileage than SUVs and have a lot of cargo options.

GM Shop-Click-Drive Coming Soon

GM Online Shopping

General Motors is preparing for the expanded launch of their Shop-Click-Drive program, which allows customers to bypass the showroom and order new vehicles from their computer. The program is intended to target the next generation of car buyers and make it easier to purchase a new vehicle.

Subaru Forrester Selected Motor Trend SUV of the Year for 2nd Time

2014 Motor Trend SUV of the Year

Subaru became the only manufacturer to have three wins for SUVs in Motor Trend’s Sport/Utility of the Year award with the selection of the 2014 Subaru Forrester for this year’s award. Previous winners include the 2010 Outback and 2009 Forrester, which also makes them the only manufacturer with back-to-back wins.

Top 7 Vehicles for Fall Camping & Hunting

2014 Nissan Xterra

Fall is one of the best times to go camping before the weather gets really cold. Whether your idea of camping is staying at a hotel near a National Park or carrying all of your gear on your back you will need a vehicle to get you there. And since fall is also a great time to pick up a new car, truck, or SUV, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 vehicles for a fall camping or hunting trip.

Three Redesigned Imports for 2014

2014 Nissan Rogue

Of all of the new cars making their way onto the streets perhaps none are more anticipated than redesigned models. Several manufacturers are releasing totally redesigned models for 2014. Redesigns include improved aerodynamics, better fuel economy, and new technologies for safety and comfort.

Here are three import models that have been redesigned for 2014:

Nissan Rogue - The second-generation Nissan Rogue has a new, optional third row of seats for seven-passenger capability. All seats except for the driver’s seat can be folded flat for the benefit of cargo capacity, and the cabin has been redesigned for an airier look and feel.

New Auto Buying - 2013 or 2014 Model?

2014 Cadillac CTS

As 2013 heads into the fourth quarter dealers are offering clearance pricing on most 2013 autos and bringing in new 2014 vehicles as quickly as they can.  This makes fall a great time to purchase a new vehicle, especially for shoppers that have been holding off on purchasing. New auto buyers have several things to consider in determining whether to purchase a 2013 model or a right-off-the-line 2014 vehicle.

Redesigns and New Models

In the case of brand new models such as BMWs i3, i8, 4 Series, and X4, Acura RLX, Chrysler 100, Ford Tansit, Jaguar F-Type, Volkswagen Polo, and several more there is no option for an older model so you can either buy a 2014 or hold off longer to get a used one when the new owners are ready to move on.

Small SUVs Shine at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Infiniti Q30 luxury compact

The Frankfurt Auto Show kicks off this week and manufacturers are rolling out new designs for future models. At least 70 world premier launches have been announced and the biggest categories appear to be electric and hybrid vehicles as well as “crossover” or small SUVs. With over 900,000 visitors expected, the Frankfurt Auto Show kicks off the 2013-2014 show season with one of the biggest expositions in the industry. Some of the more notable SUV launches expected this week include vehicles from Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz.

Infiniti Q30

Ford Bacon Fiesta for Intn’l Bacon Day

Bacon Wrapped Ford Fiesta

International Bacon Day was this past Saturday and bacon festivals were held all across the United States.  To celebrate America’s obsession with bacon and to promote the customization options available for the Fiesta Ford has introduced a full wrap of bacon that covers the whole car.  Options range from mini strips for just under $80 to the complete wrap for $3,347.00 plus installation costs.

5-Star NHTSA Safety Rating & Controversy for Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded a 5 Star Safety Rating to Tesla's Model S, adding to the impressive awards already earned by the vehicle. And while achieving top marks for safety is an impressive feat, the news hasn’t been without controversy.

Top 10 Autos for Tailgating During Football Season

Ford Flex console perfect for tailgating

Football season is just getting started and that means tailgate parties. The key to a good tailgate party is having plenty of good food and drinks and of course great company. That means hauling passengers and gear to the stadium parking lot first thing in the morning, finding a parking spot, setting up, having a great time, then heading home to do it all over again the next week.  To do that you need a vehicle with room for passengers as well as cargo. It helps if you can also get a nice entertainment system and some bonuses like built in refrigerators or coolers. 

With that in mind, here are the Top 10 Tailgating Vehicles for 2013:

Edmunds lists the 17 Worst Cars You Can Buy

Dodge Avenger

With all of the “best car” lists that are created every year, Best Autos under $35,000 for Driving Enthusiasts, AAA Selects Top Autos for Commuters, and Top "Green" Cars for Spring, to name a few, you might be wondering which vehicles come up short in the rankings.

Protect Your Car’s Paint from the Sun

Hot Sun can Scorch your Car's Paint

As the days get hotter most people don’t think about the beating their car’s paint takes every day from the sun’s rays.  Just as your skin needs sunscreen to keep from getting burned, your car can use some protection to keep UV rays from ruining your paint job. Considering that a showroom quality paint job is one of the most expensive repairs you can encounter, taking a few precautions to prevent damage only makes sense.

Womens World Car of the Year Award Winners Announced

Ford Fiesta Womens World Car of the Year

The female demographic has been the fastest-growing consumer segment in the world in recent years and is arguably the most influential. The Womens World Car of the Year Awards were established to recognize the cars with the greatest appeal to women. A panel of 18 female automotive writers reviewed hundreds of cars to select the best cars for eight different categories judging by measures women prioritize when looking for a new car. These criteria include safety, value-for-money, looks, storage space, child-friendliness, ease-of-driving, color, sex appeal and environmental footprint.

The Ford Fiesta 1.0-liter EcoBoost was awarded Womens World Car of the Year after winning the economy car category in the finalist voting round.

Edmunds 2013 Car Shopping Trends Report

Car Shopping Trends Report

In order to better understand the car buying process, Edmunds.com recently released a report detailing car buying information mined from user data derived from their audience of 18 million users per month along with a survey put together by Added Value in 2011 regarding consumer expectations. These two sets of data were correlated to determine if shopper expectations materialized in the purchasing process.  This report confirms some information about the car buying process regarding how consumers research their purchases and offers new information about what shoppers expect to find.


Auto Recalls in 2013

2013 Chrysler Town & Country

With millions of vehicles sold every year there will always be problems with some of them. With 2013 just over half way several manufacturers have announced recalls to fix problems with some of their models. Manufacturers generally attempt to contact owners of the vehicles affected by the recall but owners can also stay informed by searching on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.  Some of this year’s recalls include:

Toyota takes top spot in Interbrand's 'Green Brands' Report

2013 Nissan LEAF

Five out of ten brands selected by Interbrand as the Best Global Green Brands of 2013 are automotive companies. With offices around the world Interbrand is the world’s largest brand consultancy, working with the biggest brands. To choose the 50 Best Global Green Brands Interbrand starts with the 100 brands that make up its annual Best Global Brands report and conducts extensive consumer research to capture public opinion of the brand's sustainable or green practices and compares that to performance data provided by Deloitte regarding the companies’ environmental sustainability practices.

2013 Concept Vehicle of the Year Award Winners Announced

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

The twelfth annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Award winners were announced earlier this week. The awards recognize concept vehicles most likely to affect change in the automobile industry. The selection process involved a total of 23 vehicles that were previously introduced to North America during this season's (2012-2013) auto shows in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, and New York. More than two dozen jurors collectively selected the winners in three categories: Production Preview Vehicles, Concept Cars, and Concept Trucks.

9 Hottest Selling Cars in 2013

2013 Nissan Pathfinder

U.S. car sales seem to be the main bright spot in an otherwise sluggish economy. Sales are up by 8.2% over the first half of 2013, compared to the same period last year. Some models have even shown double digit growth over 2012 sales. Most of these models have seen significant changes including full redesigns for the 2013 vehicles.  Many of these benefited from increases in fuel economy, which has been a major driver for sales thanks to high gas prices.

Ten Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

Toyota 4Runner is Great for Summer Trips

Summer is officially here. Along with warmer days summer typically sees rising gas prices and occasionally even shortages as stations convert to “summer grade” aimed at reducing emissions. This is the time of year to do what you can to get the most efficiency possible from whatever automobile you’re driving. These tips with help make every drop count.

AutoPacific 2013 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Award Winning 2013 Cadillac SRX

AutoPacific, automotive marketing and product-consulting firm, announced their 17th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA) with Cadillac and Buick topping the list as Top Premium Brand and Top Popular Brand.  The AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards were created to identify the vehicles drivers find most satisfying. Over 52,000 new vehicle owners are surveyed each year to measure 51 different vehicle attributes and determine which vehicles rank best.

Auto Loans Get Longer and Cost More

Hyundai Elantra - Premium Style, Economy Price

Five year loans have always been the norm for new car buying but in the fourth quarter of 2012 the average term was 65 months according to Experian Information Solutions. This is due to lenders offering new, longer terms loans with six, seven, and even eight year loans. These longer term loans offer lower monthly payments, allowing buyers to get the cars they want more easily.

Lower payments might seem like a great way to afford more car but there are drawbacks. Longer terms often mean higher interest rates to begin with. Higher interest rates combined with more payments creates significantly higher total cost compared to shorter term loans. In general, the faster a car loan is paid off the lower the overall total cost. 

It Can Wait...ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile Team Up to Curb Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is dangerous, and illegal

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T Mobile team up to fight texting and driving with the “It Can Wait” program.  The program is intended to educate the public on the dangers of texting and driving, with videos and advertisements asking teens and adults to “take the pledge” to never text and drive.

The campaign brings together more than 200 organizations to support a multi-million dollar national ad campaign along with a nationwide texting-while-driving simulator tour, retail presence in tens of thousands of stores, and outreach to millions of consumers with a special focus throughout the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Summertime has been called the 100 Deadliest Days on the roads for teen drivers by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Indy 500 Pace Car 2014 Corvette Stingray

2013 Indy 500 Pace Car Corvette Stingray

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to drive the Pace Car in the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 this Memorial Day, 2013.  Harbaugh, co-owner of Panther Racing, an IndyCar team driving with Chevy Engines, is receiving coaching from official pace car driver and driving coach Johnny Rutherford and is the first sports figure that’s not a race car driver to drive the pace car since Lance Armstrong in 2006.

Tesla Posts First Ever Profit

Tesla Model S

After nearly a decade in business Tesla published Q1 results for 2013 showing their first profitable quarter ever.  Tesla posted profits of $11.2 million on record sales of $562 million, a whopping 83% increase over the previous quarter.  While most of this gain was the result of increasing vehicle sales Tesla also benefited from the elimination of a DOE “Warrant Liability” resulting in a one-time non-cash gain of $10.7 million and the sale of Zero Emission Vehicle credits to other car manufacturers to the tune of $68 million.  This stems from California Air Resources Board regulations requiring manufacturers to sell a certain percentage of zero emissions vehicles in Californi

Top Safety Pick Honors: Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

2014 Subaru Forester

2014 Subaru Forester and 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport earn Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) TOP SAFETY PICK honors for their performance in the small overlap front crash test.

10 Best Selling Vehicles through April 2013

Ford F-150 Pickup

The first four months of 2013 have been good to automakers and sales of full-size pickup trucks appear to be on the rebound.  The Ford F-Series took the number one spot of top selling vehicles in the U.S. with nearly a quarter of a million sold, up 19.1 percent from 2012. The Chevy Silverado took the second slot with a 23 percent increase in year-over-year sales.  Dodge Ram pickups made the list at number five.

Leasing vs. Buying a New Car

2013 Mercedes-Benz SL

One of the most hotly debated subjects in auto ownership is leasing vs. buying. Both have advantages and disadvantages so the answer can be different for people in different situations. One isn’t always better than the other.

Leasing Advantages:

Low payments for new cars - Leasing offers the opportunity to drive a new car all the time. With 3 year terms you can return the vehicle and exchange for a new one just as it’s starting to age.  Leasing often makes driving a luxury car like a Mercedes or Jaguar more attainable because many banks have limits on how much they will loan for vehicles.

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient SUVs

Lexus RX 450h

Gas prices are creeping higher every summer and a lot of people have switched to smaller, more fuel efficient autos to get more mileage out of every tank. Not everyone can make such a drastic jump to a smaller vehicle to save money. Sometimes you just need more room for passengers and cargo and only an SUV will do.  Thanks to Kelly Blue Book’s list of the 10 most fuel efficient SUVs of 2013 you can find an SUV that fits your lifestyle, your budget, and saves you money at the gas station.

Best Autos under $35,000 for Driving Enthusiasts

2013 Chevorlet Camaro

Many auto shoppers are looking for a car that offers more than just a way to get from point a to point b. MSN Autos profiled 15 different autos under $35,000 that they consider built for drivers who love to drive. These cars are fast, sporty, well equiped, and affordable. The first 10 are profiled below. For the full list and more information check out the article here. Details on each vehicle are also available on AutoBuying101.com just by clicking the links provided in the title for each vehicle.

Cadilac ATS: Award Winning Car Packed With Tech

2013 Cadillac ATS

Th 2013 Cadilac ATS has been getting rave reviews ever since it was introduced in 2011 at the North American International Auto Show. The car has won:

  • Motor Press Guild Vehicle of the Year
  • Popular Mechanics magazine Luxury Car of the Year
  • 2012 Esquire Car of the Year
  • 2013 North American Car of the Year
  • 2013 Urban Car of the Year by Decisive magazine

This compact luxury car is also loaded with technology features. In 2012 Cadillac launched the “Cadillac User Experience” or CUE. The ATS features an 8-inch touchscreen with touch-sensitive buttons, similar to many smartphones. Haptic feedback provides the ability to use the system by feel without taking your eyes off the road.

10 Tips for Rainy Day Driving

Rainy day driving

Spring showers might be great for flowers but they can be a nightmare for drivers. Wet weather wreaks havok on the roads and accidents increase with the rainfall numbers. Fortunately there are several things you can do to keep from adding to the statistics.  Here are 10 tips for driving in wet weather.

Slow Down - Rainfall mixes with oil and grime on the roads making them much more slick, leading to skids. Slowing down keeps more of the car's tire treads on the road providing more traction, and less skidding. Driving too fast through a puddle can also cause hydroplaning. Most people forget this tip so it pays to be extra alert when driving in the rain.

AAA Selects Top Autos for Commuters

2013 Ford Flex AAA Top Pick for Commuters

AAA Auto Buying Experts have selected the top vehicles for commuters based on fuel efficiency, comfort, and overall performance. WIth average commute times of 25 minutes each way and 86 percent of American relying on their vehicles to get to and from work each day choosing the right vehicle for the daily drive can make a big difference in your quality of life.

Compact Vehicles

Spring Cleaning - 10 Tips to Detail Your Car Like a Pro

Spring Cleaning Car Wash Tips

With the arrival of the Vernal Equinox it is time to think about spring cleaning and that includes autos. There's nothing quite like the smell of a new car and with these tips on cleaning and detailing your car from Popular Mechanics you can do it like the pros do it. Regular cleaning will keep the auto's finish shiny longer and protect it from the elements.

Top "Green" Cars for Spring

2013 Chevy Spark in Jalapeno green

Spring is approaching and St. Patrick's Day is here so we thought it would be fun to run down the best "green" cars on the market. Not the usual list of high MPGe electric and hybrid vehicles but autos that are available in shades of green ranging from Kermit the Frog green to dark forrest green. Contrary to popular belief autos have been available in green almost since the very beginning of commercial production but there are certainly many more variations available today.

Shortening the Car Buying Process

The average time spent in car dealer showrooms negotiating new car deals and financing agreements increased by 12.5% in 2012 over the amount of time spent in 2010.  This amounts to 2-3 hours of back and forth with the saleperson, the customer, and often the manager before the customer is finally able to drive off the lot. This is despite the fact that over 80% have already spent an average of 18 hours researching prices and car models before even stepping into the dealership according to Google. This often results in very frustrated shoppers.  Now more and more dealers are turning to digital solutions in an attempt to cut this time down and make car shopping a better experience for everyone.

TransUnion: National Auto Loan Delinquency near record low in 2012

TransUnion Auto Infographic

TransUnion credit agency reports that the national auto loan delinquency rate ended 2012 at a near historic low of 0.41%, down from 0.46% at the end of 2011. This is the ratio of borrowers that are 60 days or more overdue on their payments.  Auto debt per borrower continues to rise as the auto industry remains strong. This level increased to $13,747 in Q4, up 5.4% over the previous year. New loans were up 15.8 year over year and sub-prime loan originations have been increasing to nearly one third of overall auto loans since 2010 when the share of sub-prime auto loans was only 27.6%.

Consumer Reports Auto Issue hits the shelves for 2013

From one of the most trusted and independent sources of consumer products reviews comes the annual Consumer Reports Car Issue for 2013 arriving on the shelves now with the April edition.  This edition of the popular magazine features their "Best & Worst", and "Top Picks", which singles out the most impressive all around vehicles for each category from tests of hundreds of vehicles.

High MPG cars for rising gas prices

2013 Scion iQ EV

Nationwide, gas prices have been steadily on the rise over the past month, up an average of $0.46 with no relief in site as spring approaches. Many anaylists predict gas prices will reach new highs this summer, bringing many to consider purchasing more a more efficient vehicle for 2013.  Kelly Blue Book recently profiled highly efficient vehicles in their list of "The 40 mpg Cars of 2013".  If fuel efficiency is the pinnacle of your criteria for choosing your next car you'll want to take a closer look at the top 10 on their list.  You're going to need a place to plug in

Toyota Prius tops ConsumerGuide Automotive 2013 Best Buy Awards

ConsumerGuide Automotive Awards

For the first time ever ConsumerGuide Automotive has included an Editor's Choice Best Buy Award to represent the pinnacle in value, features, and driving experience. The recipient of this award is the entire line of 2013 Toyota Prius vehicles.

For the 2013 awards the editors raised the criteria for earning a Best Buy classification. They also eliminated the Recommended accolade to create a shorter, more prestigious list. Nearly 200,000 miles are driven each year by ConsumerGuide Automotive's editorial team carefully evaluating every aspect of hundreds of available vehicles to determine the best driving experiences in nearly every driving situation.

Ford C-Max Energi Tops Prius Plug-In for Fuel Efficiency

Ford C-Max Energi

For a number of years, Toyota’s Prius has been the nation’s best-selling, most feature-packed hybrid vehicle. It’s the hybrid that’s been the most efficient product on the market. This is no longer the case. The 2013 C-Max Energi, from Ford, has just taken over the title of most “fuel-efficient” Hybrid on the market.


A Word on How the EPA Efficiency Ratings for Hybrids Work

Self-Driving Cars On The Way

Google Self-Driving Car

If you live in Southern California you’ve heard about them repeatedly. Maybe you’ve even seen them. Self-driving cars. The sight of them can be alarming: “What? Those cars are moving faster than I am, are about three to four feet apart, and the drivers are READING THE NEWSPAPER?” Google has been developing autonomous cars that will hopefully decrease the worry of serious accidents as well as gridlock woes. These self-driving cars took another big step towards everydayday reality when California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that paves the way for their full legalization.


Why Autonomous Vehicles? 

GM Temporarily Suspends Volt Production, Yet Reports Record Sales

Chevrolet Volt

GM has announced plans to temporarily stop production of the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle for a second time this year for 5 weeks between September 17th and October 12th at its primary production facility in Hamtramck, Michigan. This announcement, according to the Wall Street Journal, was made by GM because lower than expected demand had caused inventory levels to rise to an unacceptable level. GM plans to use this downtime to prepare for the commencement of production on the updated 2014 Chevy Impala. The Hamtramck plant also produces the very popular Chevy Malibu line.  

54.5 MPG by 2025 - Positive or Negative For Car Sales?

New Fuel Economy Standards

By now most people are aware that the EPA has passed new regulations regarding minimum fuel efficiency standards that will take effect in 2025. But not too many people are completely aware of what this will mean to them and to the American automotive industry.


The New EPA Regulations in a Nutshell

The EPA is the government agency charged with monitoring the fuel efficiency and emissions of all cars made and/or sold in the United States. They have promulgated numerous regulations in the past decades in regard to both emissions and fuel efficiency. Until now, most fuel efficiency regulations have dealt with how vehicle manufacturers are to perform fuel efficiency tests and how they are to announce the results of these tests.

Hybrid Vehicles Gaining in Popularity

Hybrid Cars

A few years ago, there was a huge rush to buy hybrids. They offered decreased fuel costs due their hybrid gas/electric technologies, which made them very attractive to a certain segment of the car buying population. However, they suffered some bruised images due to some highly touted issues they had, especially the Toyota Prius. But that’s beginning to change for the better.


A Quick Refresher on Hybrid Vehicle Technology 

Honda: Building Cars in America for 30 Years

Honda: Building Cars in America for 30 Years

Honda is celebrating 30 years of building cars in America this year. Yes, that’s right, 30 years of building cars in America. Their Marysville, Ohio plant has been in continuous operation since 1982, and on November 1st, will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary.

More than 9 Million Accords Produced by Marysville Plant

As Auto Industry Rebounds, Auto Lending Follows Suit

Auto Loans

One sign that the economy is in recovery is that the Big Three automakers are posting either lower than expected losses or posting outright profits. Another good sign is that GM recently returned the major portion of its cash loan to the Fed, meaning that they no longer owe the federal government or the American people any money. This is because sales have been going up across the board. We can’t paint the picture as all roses and honey just yet, but it’s definitely looking better than it was this time last year. So, exactly what’s driving this portion of the recovery?

 Banking Experts: Loans at Highest Levels Since End of Recession

Tesla Motors and Toyota Collaborate on the RAV4 EV

Toyota RAV4 EV

Pretty much everyone is familiar with or has seen a Toyota RAV4 on the road. The RAV4 is Toyota’s sporty sport utility vehicle. Well, it’s gone electric in a nod to the public’s demand for a sporty SUV that doesn’t need gas. Toyota has entered into a large contract with Tesla Motors, the guys that brought us the Tesla Roadster, the 200 mile per hour electric vehicle, and the Tesla S, the 100 mile per hour-plus all-electric luxury sports car.

Tesla Supplies the Workings for the RAV4

Who’s Best for Dashboard Tech?

Who’s Best for Dashboard Tech?

Dashboard technology has become a hot selling point for carmakers, and not just with premium vehicles. Manufacturers know that even the bargain car shopper likely has a smartphone, and expectations are growing that their car should have the same bag of tricks as the phone in their pocket.

The Wall Street Journal took a look at the in-car infotainment landscape in a very practical application; the writer needed a car, and the dashboard tech capabilities were going to play a big part in the decision. Voice activation, entertainment, and navigation were the main criteria. Here are the findings:


Ford vehicles use SYNC technology, in partnership with Microsoft. Features include:

10 Best Used Car Values

Kiplinger Top 10 Used Car Values

If you’re in the market for a used car, you’ve probably noticed that great deals have been a bit harder to find.

Will The Next Ford F-150 Be Aluminum?

Ford F-150

Automakers have been using aluminum in cars for several decades. Gearheads will fondly remember GM’s 350LT-1 V8 with cast aluminum block and heads of yesteryear. Most automakers have stopped making cast aluminum blocks due the expense, but most of them are still using aluminum heads in their 4-cylinder engines. There is now a race to do everything possible to meet the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements set to take affect soon. Some automakers are going back to incorporating aluminum into their designs. And many are doing away with steel body panel construction in favor of stamped aluminum panels.

Chevy Says, “Love It or Return It”

Chevy "Love It or Return It"

General Motors is offering a sixty-day full refund guarantee on all 2012 and 2013 Chevy models effective immediately and running through to September 4th. Named “Chevy Confidence”, the limited time offer comes on the heels of record breaking first quarter earnings. It also comes just a month ahead of the announcement about second quarter sales results scheduled for August 2nd.

The Best Time to Buy a Car: Part 2

The Best Time to Buy a Car, Part 2

Last week we exploded some of the myths and covered a few facts to do with the best time to buy a car. This week we conclude our piece with some more tips for timing your purchase to ensure get the best value when buying a vehicle.

Unpopular Bargains

Often when a manufacturer replaces an existing model with a new model they offer all sorts of incentives on the old model to clear out existing stock. A recent example of this is when Chevrolet was replacing the unpopular Cobalt with the new Cruze. To keep sales up on the Cobalt and keep its manufacturing plant in business, Chevy announced some unbelievable incentives on the older model.

Are Hybrid Cars Declining in Popularity?

Are Hybrid Cars Declining in Popularity?

A recent study by research company Polk has revealed that hybrid cars, believed to be the way of the future, have suffered a decline in popularity over recent years. The survey reveals that a large percentage of hybrid car buyers are unlikely to purchase another after their experiences with the economical and environmentally friendly cars. The number of hybrid models on the market has doubled since 2007, but could it be that car companies have over-committed in a niche that was once believed to be the future of the automobile industry?

The Best Time to Buy a Car: Part 1

The Best Time to Buy a Car

There are a lot of stories around about the best time to buy a car. Some of these stories are true, but most fit into the category of urban myth. Some of the ones that aren’t true, or at least don’t have any actual research to back them up, are:

Myth # 1: The best time to buy a car is in the afternoon when the salesperson is sleepy.

Myth # 2: You will get a better deal on a car on a rainy day.

Myth # 3: There are better days of the week to buy because the dealership is slower on those days.

While there is ongoing speculation about the above myths, there are some things about timing your car purchase which we know to be true. They are:

Tax Time = Bad for Buyers

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Certified Pre-Owned

A Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle is a used vehicle which has been inspected and refurbished to ensure the vehicle measures up to rigorous quality standards. A CPO vehicle is usually backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, often in the form on an extended warranty. CPO cars are not new, they emerged in the early 90s from the luxury car market, with companies like Lexus and Mercedes-Benz releasing used off-lease vehicles that had relatively few miles on the clock.

5 Ways to Avoid Buying a Lemon


There’s a risk when buying a car that one is going to end up with a lemon. Whilst someone buying a new car will generally be safe, the used car market can be fraught with danger for the unsuspecting consumer. But avoiding a lemon is actually more about applying good judgement and using some research skills rather than about being lucky.

Let’s look at some ways to avoid getting stuck with that car that nobody else wants:

Do Your Homework on the Make and Model

Chevy Confirms SS Performance Sedan for 2013

Australian Holden Commodore will be the basis for the 2014 Chevrolet SS.

Chevrolet has finally confirmed the long-standing rumor that it will be importing the Holden VF Commodore from Australia beginning in late 2013. The import is a V-8 powered rear-wheel-drive performance sedan and will be sold as the Chevrolet SS. It will arrive in showrooms as a 2014 model. A retail price is yet to be announced.

The SS will also become Chevrolet’s next representative in the NASCAR Sprint Cup. The car will debut at next year’s Daytona 500.

5 Ways to Lower Insurance Costs for Younger Drivers

Young Drivers

Car insurance for young drivers is generally more expensive than for established drivers because younger drivers are less experienced behind the wheel. Insurance companies see younger drivers as more of a risk, but there are a few things you can do to lower the cost of your first car insurance.

Insurance companies have a checklist of items that they ask any driver who signs up. By doing a few things in preparation, you can make sure your insurance costs are kept to a minimum.

1. Shop around for your insurance.

Cost of Car Ownership on the Rise

Car Costs

The American Automobile Association has released its annual ‘Your Driving Costs’ study. The study shows a 1.9 percent increase in the cost of owning a car. This translates to an average cost of $8,946 per car per year, which includes things like fuel, maintenance, insurance, and finance repayments.

This news is not entirely surprising, given the rise in fuel costs over the last year. Pump prices are up almost 15% since last year’s report. The cost of tires has also risen 4.2%, an increase mainly caused by a rise in the cost of raw materials.

The findings in the AAA report were based on a driving cycle of 15,000 miles a year.

Leading Green Cars for 2012

With Earth Day right around the corner, it only makes sense to take a look at the leading  environmentally-friendly green vehicle market. What was once a market dominated by the Toyota Prius has ballooned in the last year or so to include a wide range of manufacturers, models, and features. The green car is here to stay and with recent legislation proposals in California and other States, we’re likely to see even more of these environmentally-friendly vehicles on our highways and city streets.


Diesel Vehicles You May Have Missed


More and more people have gas prices and fuel economy on their minds. This has in part resulted in a surge of interest in hybrid and electric vehicles and now we’re seeing another interesting shift - more people are considering a diesel vehicle. A mainstay in Europe, diesel vehicles have often been overlooked in North America - considered to be noisy and not worth the dollars at the dealership - but this perspective is slowly changing.

 With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to take a closer look at the diesel vehicle market and highlight a few vehicles that you may not have realized do come with a diesel option.

Comfort At An Affordable Price

Chrysler 300

Think about what you’re looking for in your next new vehicle or even what it is you like about your current vehicle. Chances are that you’ll list comfort high on the list. Seats that support your back and legs, lots of room so you’re not knocking elbows with your passengers, room for any gear you need to bring with you, and a quiet ride - yes - we all want a comfortable ride.


2012 Brand Image Awards

Kelley Blue Book

In every industry, perception and what we think of specific companies, brands and logos goes a long way in contributing to our purchase decisions. When it comes to buying a new car or truck, this brand awareness and perception goes a long way in how we research our vehicle purchases and ultimately in the vehicle we choose to buy.


Top 10 Luxury Cars under $40,000

top luxury cars under $40,000

In years past, luxury cars were often priced too high for the average driver to own and enjoy. But automotive manufacturers have realized that we do want luxury in our cars and if priced right, we’ll buy. This has resulted in more and more cars falling into the luxury car category but still being priced affordably at under $40,000.

Car Features That Help You Drive Your Vehicle

interior of the car

In-vehicle innovation has come a very long way. It used to be that having a DVD player or MP3-enabled sound system was considered cutting edge. This was also when heated seats and automatic sunroofs were reserved for high-end vehicles. Well, things are changing and in keeping step with the technological changes we’ve seen with the Internet and communication - similar advances have been introduced to the latest vehicles on the market.

2012 Looking Good for Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales are looking good for 2012

To say that 2012 is looking good for the automotive industry would be an understatement. We’re only three months into the New Year but the numbers are all pointing to another great year for vehicle sales.

Thanks to affordable and cheap financing, new vehicle models with nifty and practical features, and the continued growth in consumer confidence - more and more people are  taking a visit to their car, truck, SUV, crossover and minivan dealer.

The latest numbers for 2012 suggest that this will be best year for automotive sales since 2007.

10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs and Crossovers

Top Ten Fuel Efficient SUV

10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs and Crossovers

It doesn’t look like gas prices are going to get any lower any time soon... And when you’re interested in buying an SUV or crossover vehicle, the price of gas is a big factor in your purchase decision. It is one thing to pay the monthly payments and insurance costs and when you add in the cost of gas, it can make owning a larger vehicle an affordable challenge.

2012 Top 10 Best Sedans Under $25,000

Top ten best sedans under $25,000 for 2012

The sedans on the market right now offer you the complete package: good handling, smooth design features, fuel efficiency, lots of extra features and good value for money. But it can be hard to determine which sedan is the right one for you and your family so today we’re looking at the 10 best sedans priced under $25,000.

The team of automotive experts at Kelley Blue Book have done the research, crunched the numbers and have put together a list of of the 10 Best Sedans Under $25,000. Kelley Blue Book is a leading website of automotive industry experts who provide analysis, review and feedback on the latest vehicles on the market.

Tips on Selling Your Used Vehicle

Tips on selling your new car

Typically we post blog posts here about buying a new car and the best new vehicles on the market based on awards and innovation. Today we’re going to talk about used cars and how to sell your used car. Let’s face it, many people really just feel overwhelmed by the thought of selling their used vehicle.

It can be time consuming. You have to understand pricing and how best to advertise your vehicle. You have to deal with people who aren’t really serious about buying your vehicle but take up your time anyway. Yes, selling a used vehicle can be considered to be a hassle but in today’s automotive market, selling your vehicle privately can be a very smart decision.

Using Technology to Track Gas Prices

You’ve likely heard the expression “is there an app for that”. In other words is there a nifty piece of software that you can download and install on your iPhone or android phone that will let you find new restaurants, keep tabs on the weather or track your spending. Well, good news for drivers like you, there are a number of apps available that can help you keep a close watch on the gas prices in your area.

10 Best Used and Affordable Cars

ten best used and affordable cars

We often focus on new cars and buying new cars on this blog but today we’re going to take a look at buying a used car. For many of you and for many reasons, a used car makes the most sense. Used cars often make the most practical sense when you need a second car, need a car for your teenagers or a vehicle for city driving. As well, if you make a smart buy, your used car can result in a much better purchase than buying a new car.

Total Cost of Ownership Awards

picture of a new car

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, you want and need to know how much your new car, truck, SUV or minivan is going to cost you. But many buyers don’t realize that the total cost of ownership goes beyond the price you end up paying at the dealership. The total cost of ownership of a vehicle includes costs such as: depreciation, projected fuel costs, financing and insurance fees, yearly maintenance and repair fees, and state-associated fees for new vehicles and models.

Kelley Blue Book's Top 10 Family Cars

Having kids and a family means you’re on the go. You’ve got to drop the kids off at school, pick the kids up at the end of the school day, take the kids to music, dance, and sports lessons and then there are the trips to the mall or out to dinner. And all of this family activity is dependent on having a reliable vehicle. A vehicle that can fit your family, the gear you need to bring, and one that gives you the confidence and comfort in knowing you and your family are safe and well-protected.

Popular Mechanic’s Announces Auto Excellence Awards

car coming towards you

The automotive awards season continues and today we’re looking at the awards announced and handed out by the team of experts at Popular Mechanics. Whether you’re a car aficionado or not, you’ve more than likely heard of this venerable automotive magazine.

10 Pieces of Advice To Consider When Buying a New Vehicle

dollar image

Buying a new vehicle should be a smooth and simple process. The more you know before you visit the dealership and the more you’re prepared to ask - the better your new vehicle buying experience will be. We’ve put together a list of 10 pieces of advice that will help you with your new vehicle buying experience.Know the dealer price

The dealer price as listed on the dealer invoice is different from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). You have the right to ask about the dealer invoice. Some sales people might be hesitant to provide you with this, so be prepared and do your online research before arriving at the dealership.

2012 SUV Best Buy and Recommended Awards

Top 2012 Trucks and SUV Awards

Earlier in the week we focused on the cars that made the cut for the 2012 Best Buy and Recommended Awards as determined by Consumer Guide Automotive. Today as promised, we’ll look at the 2012 minivans, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles that earned Best Buy Awards.

As a consumer, these awards are very useful in helping you with your vehicle research. As you know, the more research the better when it comes to buying a new vehicle and with the insights that awards such as these from Consumer Guide Automotive provide, you can learn what automotive insiders consider to be the key strengths of the 2012 vehicle line-up.

Taking A Look At The 2012 Best Buy Awards

2012 Automovile Best Buy

It is awards season for the automotive industry and in today’s blog post we’ll take a look at the recent awards handed out by the Consumer Guide Automotive. Some of you might wonder about the impact of these awards on the automotive industry - well these types of awards are a great way to track the pros and cons as well as highlights for the year in automotive. While there are a lot of different awards given out, it is the criteria used to rank and rate vehicles that is super useful for you when it comes to making buying decisions.

A Closer Look at the 2012 North American Car of the Year Awards

2012 North American Car of the Year

Earlier this week we wrote about the winners of the 2012 North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards. Today we thought it would be useful to take a closer look at these awards and the other contenders in the car of the year category.

To quickly recap:

2012 North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards

2012 North American Car and Truck of the Year

A jury of 50 automotive journalists from Canada and the United States chose the winners of the North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards recently. These prestigious awards were announced at the North American International Auto Show.

The Hyundai Elantra won the 2012 North American Car of the Year Award.

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque won the 2012 North American Truck of the Year Award.

Early Look at 2013 Vehicles from the Chicago Auto Show

While the Chicago Auto Show doesn’t officially start until Feb. 10, automakers have given industry insiders and select media a look at their new featured vehicles for 2013. As things are looking right now, the 2013 line-up of vehicles is all about pushing boundaries and ensuring you are as comfortable as possible wherever you are going.

Automotive Sales Numbers Are Encouraging

automotive sales numbers are encouraging

Wednesday was a big day for the auto industry - it was numbers day. On February 1, the major automakers released their sales numbers for 2011, their profit numbers, January sales numbers for 2012, and their predictions for 2012 overall.

A search of the Internet will reveal multiple articles that detail the sales numbers for each and every automaker. Yes, the numbers are important but for this blog post, we’ll focus on the big three U.S. automakers and try not to get to wrapped up in percentages.

Coming Soon: Legislated Zero-Emissions Vehicles

zero emission vehicle legislation

The state of California has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental policy and green energy - and now it is bringing this forward-thinking to the vehicles we drive.

As California’s state air-quality registrar, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has recently approved a range of strict and tough laws that will have a definite impact on your driving habits and on what you drive. These new laws, announced a few days ago require that by 2025 there be an additional 1.4 million electric, plug-in, and fuel cell cars on the road.

Health and Wellness in your Car

Can you be healthy in your car

We all spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Driving to and from the office, dropping off and picking up the kids from school and their activities, running errands around town, traveling during vacations, and of course all the time spent stuck in traffic. This adds up to a lot of time being spent in one smallish space and translates into having less time to take care of some of the important realities of life.

Top 10 All New Vehicles for 2012

top ten new vehicle 2012

It looks like 2012 is going to be a great year for those of you looking for a new vehicle. The automotive industry is on a resurgence and with President Obama stating that “with a million jobs at stake, I refuse to let the auto industry die" - things are looking encouraging. Detroit’s Big Three automakers are on the upswing thanks to an $85 billion federal buyout that now sees General Motors as the world’s number one automaker and with Chrysler and Ford putting money into new factories and plants. All this speaks to good things for anyone looking for a new vehicle or for those simply involved in the American auto industry.

Get The Best Fuel Economy Possible

We all want more from our vehicles. This includes better fuel economy, reliable acceleration and braking power, and features that keep us warm and safe. But the one thing we all really want is improved fuel economy. The further you can drive on a tank of gas really does translate into more money in your pocket and frankly more positive feelings about your vehicle.

Top 10 Cars from the Detroit Auto Show

2012 Top Ten Cars From the Detroit Auto Show

Well, the excitement is starting settle down after a busy week at the Detroit Auto Show. The week at the car show highlights that there really is something out there for every type of driver and buyer. From stylish concept cars, to family sedans and fast-moving sports car - there is a new car waiting for you.

Announcing the Best Cars for the Money Awards in 2012

best car for the money in 2012

We all want to get a deal. The trick with getting a deal on a new car, truck or SUV is ensuring that you’re still getting the best value you can for the money you’re spending. Sometimes a good deal doesn’t necessarily translate into the best use of your hard-earned cash.

This week, U.S. News Best Cars, released results of its study and analysis of the value data associated with 2012 cars. The goal of this study is to help you determine the best way to spend your money in the new car market. U.S. News Best Cars is part of U.S. News & World Report and is a well-respected and trusted car advice website and provider.

Could 2012 Be The Year of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles?

When hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) were first released, many folks believed that these cars really wouldn’t make a dent in the automotive industry. Well, the times have changed and this week we’ll be seeing a range of new hybrid and EVs previewed at the Detroit Auto Show.

What was once considered a niche market and only appropriate for smaller cars, we’re now seeing more and more family-sized sedans and SUVs launched as either hybrid or EV. This week at the Detroit Auto Show, a number of manufacturers are making some big steps in development and production with this vehicle type.

Here are some highlights from this week’s auto show:

Volvo XC60 Plug-In Hybrid

New Auto Buying Predictions for 2012

It is the time of the year when folks are making plans, setting goals, making changes and planning ahead. This is also the time of the year when we like to make predictions about what the year ahead just might hold. When it comes to auto sales and consumer buying habits, all signs are pointing towards a strong year of auto sales for 2012.

Building on the growth we’ve seen for the past two years, the trend in increased and growing auto sales numbers is expected to continue. The final numbers for 2011 are still being finalized but according to Edmunds.com, 2011 hit a three-year high with 12.8 million vehicles sold. This is continued growth from the sales numbers of 11.6 million in 2010.

Five Great Car Deals for New Year's Day

It doesn’t really matter what we’re shopping for, we all like to get a good deal. When researching a new car, along with features, warranties, make and model - the price is a critical factor in making a final decision. With this in mind, the team of experts at Kelley Blue Book have put together a list of the top five great car deals.

This list of cars includes luxury cars, a hybrid and sedans:

2012 Acura TSX

Lease for $299/month with $1,999 due at signing (last verified end date 1/03/12)

Impacts of Saab Bankruptcy on Owners

In amongst the last-minute Christmas shopping and preparing for the holiday festivities, we received some sad news in the automotive industry. We’re sure you’ve heard by now, but last week Swedish Automobile AB, filed for bankruptcy in a Swedish court.


This announcement by the parent owner of Saab came after General Motors Co. refused to allow a bailout sale to two Chinese companies. For Saab who has not been able to pay any bills since March or its employees since August, this is a tough way to go out.


The big questions out there about this announcement include:


Lessons From Hyundai

In a recent blog post we gave you a couple of tips to help you out when visiting a dealership. In this blog post we also stressed the importance of doing your research. The more research, knowledge, price quotes and information you have - the better your vehicle buying experience will be. But the question is, which research can you or do you trust?

Trust Is Key When Buying A New Vehicle

happy salesman with keys

It can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to researching and buying your next vehicle. It seems that whomever you talk to, you’ll hear a story of a shady car salesperson or a stressful visit to the car dealership. But the thing is, with proper research and knowledge, you can make your next car purchase a pleasant and relaxing experience.

December Is The Month To Save

Everyone wants a deal, and as it turns out - December is one of the best months to find a deal on your next vehicle purchase. A new study predicts that there are seven key days this month on which you could get a great deal on your new car, truck or SUV.

10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000

If you ask a teen driver or new driver what kind of first car they want, they likely will answer with something along the lines of “it has to be cool”. A cool car - who doesn’t want a cool car? Problem is that typically a cool car comes with a hefty price tag. Well, just in time for the holiday season and for the best month to buy a car, we’ve got a list of the 10 coolest cars available for under $18,000.

Buying Based on Need or Want?

When you’re researching your next car purchase, are you doing your research based on need or want? In an ideal world it would be nice to have the best of both need and want or if you’re really lucky, completely based on need. But chances are you’re likely doing the bulk of your vehicle buying research based on need.

According to a recent AutoTrader.com Shopper Frame of Mind Study of 1, 500 recent vehicle purchasers, 71% based their decisions on need rather than want. These need to buy impulses are often triggered by previous vehicle experiences such as:

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