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AutoBuying101.com names the Top 10 Hardest Working Autos for 2012

AutoBuying101.com Top 10AutoBuying101.com Top 10 Hardest Working Autos

AutoBuying101.com, has announced its 2012 selections for the Top 10 Hardest Working Autos, including pickup truck, crew truck, cargo van, family, city, and luxury options. This list includes a variety of vehicles that offer the utility, capability and versatility to accomplish the tasks at hand. The full list can be viewed in our Reports Section here. See the press release on PR Web.

“Labor Day is about more than just BBQs, it’s a day to honor the hard working people that make America great, and we want to celebrate the hard working vehicles that help them get the job done,” said Gordon Blau, editor of AutoBuying101.com. “Whether you need a rolling workshop or miniature moving van, whether you’re hauling plywood or people, our Top 10 picks work hard to suit your individual needs.”

Top 10 Hardest Working Autos In Honor of Labor Day 2012 Selected By AutoBuying101.com

Hardest Working Pickup: Ram 1500

There is nothing more uniquely American than the fullsize pickup truck. It’s the backbone of the American labor force. The Ram 1500 has the features that make it stand out from the pack, including their clever RamBox storage system.

Hardest Working Crew Truck: Toyota Tundra CrewMax

The crew truck that checks all the right boxes is the Toyota Tundra CrewMax. It takes care of it’s hard-working occupants with more legroom front and rear, and with the most cupholders by far, your crew can easily hydrate and caffeinate on the way to the job.

Hardest Working Cargo Van: Nissan NV High Roof

If you need storage, organization, and a place to work out of the elements, our choice for a rolling workshop is the Nissan NV High Roof.  It has the most cargo volume in its class, the lowest load floor height for easy step-in, and the tallest interior standing height by far.

Hardest Working Compact Van: Ford Transit Connect

If you’re delivering flowers or repairing copiers you simply don’t need a cavernous gas hog. The Ford Transit Connect brings 4-cylinder efficiency to van fleet. It’s compact footprint makes it easy to maneuver and park, but it still offers nearly 130 cubic feet of cargo space.

Hardest Working Off Road Auto: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Not everything on our list is strictly about the work day. You may need your vehicle to work hard at work, but you may also need it to work hard at play. There’s no better solution than the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The Wrangler has a legendary off-road reputation, and if you need it to haul stuff, there’s a kit to convert it into a pickup.

Hardest Working Family Auto: Chrysler Town & Country

The stay-at-home mom or dad works hard, too, and they need a versatile vehicle that can load maximum passengers and/or maximum cargo. With its nifty Stow N’ Go seating, no minivan offers more flexibility than the Chrysler Town & Country. Whether you’re packing plywood or princesses, it may be the most versatile workhorse of all.

Hardest Working Wagon: Subaru Outback

From the original woodies, through the Nomads and Vista Cruisers, to the crossovers of today, the station wagon is the original hard working vehicle. The Subaru Outback takes the wagon format and elevates it to an all-weather art form, with excellent utility, safety, and economy.

Hardest Working City Auto: Honda Fit

For the urban driver that needs to dodge tight traffic, or for someone that just wants maximum efficiency at a minimum cost, the Honda Fit is a winner. Small footprint outside, great gas mileage, and with its brilliant Magic Seat, miraculous cargo capability inside.

Hardest Working Luxury Auto: Range Rover

For real off-road adventures, the Range Rover is one luxury SUV that has the bona fides to tromp through the muck.It has the bloodlines for true trail-busting, so this is a vehicle that will eagerly hustle you through the back woods while swaddling you in luxury.

Hardest Working Exotic Auto: Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is a rip-snorting, V-12 powered Italian genre-bender of epic proportions. With copious power and torque, Ferrari’s own custom AWD system, comfortable seating for four, and a surprisingly useful hatchback, this exotic grand tourer is an unexpected utilitarian.