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August 2012 Blog Posts

  • Honda: Building Cars in America for 30 Years

    Honda: Building Cars in America for 30 Years

    Honda is celebrating 30 years of building cars in America this year. Yes, that’s right, 30 years of building cars in America. Their Marysville, Ohio plant has been in continuous operation since 1982, and on November 1st, will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary.

    More than 9 Million Accords Produced by Marysville Plant

  • Lincoln Lives!

    Lincoln MKZ

    There was a time when Lincoln and Cadillac ran neck and neck in the battle for American luxury car supremacy. Then the Lincoln brand suffered years of neglect, with a long run of substandard, badge-engineered vehicles that failed to inspire buyers. Sales plummeted as more competitors entered the premium vehicle arena. Rumors of Lincoln’s demise swirled overhead like vultures. When long-standing brands such as Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Mercury bit the dust, it seemed like Lincoln was the next candidate for closure.

  • AutoBuying101.com names the Top 10 Hardest Working Autos for 2012

    AutoBuying101.com Top 10

    AutoBuying101.com, has announced its 2012 selections for the Top 10 Hardest Working Autos, including pickup truck, crew truck, cargo van, family, city, and luxury options. This list includes a variety of vehicles that offer the utility, capability and versatility to accomplish the tasks at hand. The full list can be viewed in our Reports Section here. See the press release on PR Web.

  • How Much Will That New Car Really Cost?

    Consumer Reports

    As auto buyers, we often get caught up solely on the purchase price of a new car. We’re so concerned with the initial outlay of cash or the monthly payment, that we don’t think about the long-term picture. An extensive study by Consumer Reports shows that there is much more to think about when auto buying than the number on the bill of sale.

  • New Crash Test Ups the Ante for Safety

    IIHS Crash Test

    The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has established a new variety of frontal crash test for cars, and automakers will no doubt be scrambling to catch up. The new test is called the Small Overlap Frontal Crash Test, and it measures the effect of only 25% of the front of a vehicle hitting a barrier at 40 mph. Previous tests measured full frontal impact at 35 mph, and a 40% offset impact at 40 mph.

  • As Auto Industry Rebounds, Auto Lending Follows Suit

    Auto Loans

    One sign that the economy is in recovery is that the Big Three automakers are posting either lower than expected losses or posting outright profits. Another good sign is that GM recently returned the major portion of its cash loan to the Fed, meaning that they no longer owe the federal government or the American people any money. This is because sales have been going up across the board. We can’t paint the picture as all roses and honey just yet, but it’s definitely looking better than it was this time last year. So, exactly what’s driving this portion of the recovery?

     Banking Experts: Loans at Highest Levels Since End of Recession

  • Pet-Friendly Picks for 2012

    Pet-Friendly Picks for 2012

    Everyone wants to be safe in their car, right? Occupant safety has become a major selling point when shopping for autos, with vast expanses of airbags enveloping us from all angles. But are we protecting our pooches as well as our people?

    Bark Buckle Up is a pet travel safety advocate, and they have named their 2012 Bark Buckle Up Top Dog Vehicle awards. Some of the features they look for in a pet-safe vehicle are air conditioning vents for the rear seats to keep canines cool, side airbags, an adequate number of D-hooks for securing extra dog-related gear, and a good quality rear-view camera.

    Here are their top picks for 2012, in alphabetical order:

  • Tesla Motors and Toyota Collaborate on the RAV4 EV

    Toyota RAV4 EV

    Pretty much everyone is familiar with or has seen a Toyota RAV4 on the road. The RAV4 is Toyota’s sporty sport utility vehicle. Well, it’s gone electric in a nod to the public’s demand for a sporty SUV that doesn’t need gas. Toyota has entered into a large contract with Tesla Motors, the guys that brought us the Tesla Roadster, the 200 mile per hour electric vehicle, and the Tesla S, the 100 mile per hour-plus all-electric luxury sports car.

    Tesla Supplies the Workings for the RAV4

  • Buy Before You Test Drive?

    Buy Before You Test Drive?

    Would you consider buying a car before you took it for a test drive? We certainly wouldn’t, but a recent study shows that over 11% of auto buyers do exactly that, according to a story in the Detroit Free Press.

    The story references a Maritz Research study of over 80,000 buyers of 2012 model year vehicles. The study also showed that 80% of those questioned used internet research before making their purchase.

  • Who’s Best for Dashboard Tech?

    Who’s Best for Dashboard Tech?

    Dashboard technology has become a hot selling point for carmakers, and not just with premium vehicles. Manufacturers know that even the bargain car shopper likely has a smartphone, and expectations are growing that their car should have the same bag of tricks as the phone in their pocket.

    The Wall Street Journal took a look at the in-car infotainment landscape in a very practical application; the writer needed a car, and the dashboard tech capabilities were going to play a big part in the decision. Voice activation, entertainment, and navigation were the main criteria. Here are the findings:


    Ford vehicles use SYNC technology, in partnership with Microsoft. Features include:

  • 10 Best Used Car Values

    Kiplinger Top 10 Used Car Values

    If you’re in the market for a used car, you’ve probably noticed that great deals have been a bit harder to find.

  • This Week in Blurbs

    This Week in Blurbs

    Here are stories from this week that are interesting, odd, entertaining, and/or of remotely tangential interest to the auto buyer, in blurbs:

    • Forbes compiled a list of the most beautiful cars of 2012. Beauty comes at a price apparently, because every one of them is extraordinarily expensive.

  • Longer Trade-In Times Inspiring Better Design

    2013 Ford Fusion

    Two reports, by AutoMD and Black Book, are showing that owners are holding on to their vehicles longer and for more miles than ever, as reported by The Detroit Bureau. Ten years and 150,000 miles are no longer unusual.

    The AutoMD survey showed 78% of owners plan to keep their vehicle for more than 10 years, with only 3% expected to change cars within 3 to 5 years. And according to the Black Book Study, most trade-ins will have 125,000 to 150,000 miles by the time owners get a new vehicle.

    This is a significant change from the glory days of the automotive past.

  • 2012 Ideal Vehicle Awards

    2012 Ideal Vehicle Awards

    Autobytel, in conjunction with automotive research firm AutoPacific have released their 2012 Ideal Vehicle Awards. The IVAs are based on a survey of over 75,000 vehicle owners from the full spectrum of major manufacturers. The survey touched upon 15 different categories spanning all aspects of their vehicles inside and out, from styling to performance to comfort.

    "The significance of the Ideal Vehicle Awards is that they identify the automotive manufacturers that are listening to their buyers when updating and developing their latest cars," said George Peterson, President of AutoPacific.