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Auto Warranty

Whether your original auto factory warranty has expired, or if you have purchased a used auto from another owner or a dealer, you should protect yourself with an extended warranty, which can potentially save you $1,000's in future costs.

If you are looking for warranty information on a new auto, you can see details on every new auto on the market in our Research New Auto section.  For a used auto, you can potentially buy a auto extended warranty from an independent warranty provider, or from a franchised auto dealer.  Here are some of the options: 

Independent Extended Auto Warranty Providers

If you do any searching online relative to extended auto warranties you can easily find a variety of websites trying to sell an extended warranty, or offering to provide you a quote.  You should be aware that in order to legally offer and provide a extended auto warranty in a given state, a provider must have certain licensing in place.  That's why we recommend considering only those companies that are established and long standing warranty providers.

Smart Auto Warranty: Smart Auto Warranty is a division of CarChex, which is a BBB Accredited Business in good standing, and a former Inc. 500 recognized company. They provide a good process that helps you compare multiple policies options in conjunction with some financing alternatives to help you afford a auto warranty. You can get a free quote on multiple auto warranty options from them.

EasyCare: Since 1984, Automobile Protection Corporation has been providing consumers robust warranty coverage through their dealer relationships and direct to consumers via EasyCare.com.  Not only is EasyCare a BBB Accredited Business, but they also have been identified as a MOTOR TREND® Recommended Best Buy.

The benefit of going the independent route with a extended auto warranty is usually that the cost of the warranty will be cheaper. So, if you are still considering whether to purchase a specific used auto, you should obtain auto extended warranty policy quotes from independent providers, prior to buying a used auto. In addition, a auto extended warranty from an independent company usually provides more options for taking your auto to dealer or independently certified repair facilities.

An Extended Auto Warranty From a Franchised Dealer

Another viable option for obtaining a auto extended warranty is through a franchised auto dealer (a dealer licensed to sell new autos).

If you are buying a auto from a franchised or a independent dealer you should ask what kind of warranty coverage is provided as part of the auto purchase.  Many times the selling dealer will provide you some limited coverage for a period of time, but usually this warranty only applies if you bring the auto to that specific dealer for servicing.

If you want to get a broader, more flexible auto warranty, and your vehicle is less than 5-7 years old, you should contact a dealer that sells your specific auto model and ask them if they provide extended warranties on used autos.  If they do, you should be thorough in asking questions about coverage, where you can take your auto for servicing, and any other future fees.

Certified Pre-Owned Auto Warranty Coverage

One thing to consider when buying a used auto, are the benefits associated with Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, which provide warranty protection direct from the auto manufacturer. Usually these used autos may be a little more expensive than other used autos, but you should consider the associated benefits of buying a Certified Pre-Owned auto from a franchised dealer.

Regardless of whom you acquire your auto extended warranty from; take the time to compare different options, prices, coverage, benefits, and identify any potential future fees. Remember, a small investment now can potentially save you $1,000's in future auto repair expenses.