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New Auto Buying: Only Buy From the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager

Of the approximate 1,000,000 new autos sold every month in the US, many buyers make the biggest mistake of the process by visiting a dealership and buying from the wrong type of sales representative.  The specific individual you work with at the Auto dealer is critical to helping get the best deal.

Types of Sales Associates at the Auto Dealer

If you have ever been to a Auto dealer, stopped by just to check some Autos our, or even driving by a Auto dealer, you probably know that most dealerships have a number of sales associates working at the dealer.  For most consumers, the stereotypical "used car dealer' image may have just come to mind.  But it's important to remember that in any retail business there are reputable and quality sales people, and sales people you want to avoid.

New autos are only available for sale at large franchised auto dealers, which tend to have pretty large sales staffs, especially on the weekend when many auto buyers are out shopping.  So, at the dealership, usually you will have junior sales staff "working the lot", senior sales staff in the office helping negotiate and close sales, and the General Manager overviewing the entire operation.  Two of the more specific sales personnel are the Internet Manager and the Fleet Manager.

The Internet Manager is the individual responsible for handling all incoming 'leads' that come into the dealership from their internet marketing efforts.  The Fleet Manager is the individual responsible for handling large orders of multiple autos, such as to local businesses.  Along with their Fleet sales duties, most Fleet Managers are also responsible for handling consumers that are buying a auto through a affinity buying program like Costco or AAA.

Why You Want to Buy from the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager

One of the primary factors involved in getting the best deal, and avoiding the usual frustration you may encounter at a deaership is knowing who to buy from. 

If you walk onto a dealer's lot, without a direct contact at the dealership or appointment set up, you will immediately encounter the traditional auto buying experience that most consumers despice.  The sales staff "working the lot" will usually follow a very established and trained sales process involving hours of steps that are meant to wear you down and potentially sell you into a auto at the wrong price, or at the wrong terms that make sense for you financially.  Sales staff on the lot will talk with a dozen or so potential buyers a day, and look to maximize the opportunity (and usually their commission)...you don't want to be their target.

The Internet Manager and Fleet Manager are in a different world...the world of volume.  The average dealer receives a few hundred internet leads a month, and will sell a large number of their monthly autos in their Fleet department.  Thus, their sales processes are different than what you will encounter walking onto the lot...they are more forthcoming with price quotes and trying to win your business.   In addition, you can contact and start the negotiation process with a Internet Manager or Fleet Manager from the comfort of your home.  In this day and age there is no reason to have to go "down to the lot" to get initial price quotes from a dealer.  You can get them from the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager via email or over the phone.  This helps you control the process on your terms, rather than get emotionally and mentally tired navigating the process at the dealership.

So, never just walk into a dealership, always make sure you are working with the Internet Manager or the Fleet Manager to help "cut to the chase" and avoid the traditional process that some sales people at the dealership use.

How to Get The Best Deal From the Internet Manager or the Fleet Manager

When you are ready to contact a auto dealer, our best advice is to start in the New Auto Buying Section of AutoBuying101.com to learn more about the different options that are available to you, in order to help shop around and get the best deal.  Along with the options you will find there on how to specifically contact auto dealers and begin the process, we recommend checking out our Checklists as well.  Some of the key lessons that are important in working with the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager are:

a) make sure they understand you are serious about buying a auto, and that you are comparing prices from multiple dealers

b) make sure they know you have done research online, and verify the information and pricing they give you with the information you have collected

c) make sure you tell them you will buy your auto from them if they can help get you the best deal.

You want to buy a auto, and they want to sell you a auto.  If you have prepared, done your research, and use the internet to help contact auto dealers...that will help you get the best deal!